GO Term : GO:0004373 glycogen (starch) synthase activity GO

Namespace:  molecular_function Obsolete:  false
description  Catalysis of the reaction: UDP-glucose + (1,4)-alpha-D-glucosyl(n) = UDP + (1,4)-alpha-D-glucosyl(n+1).

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Class GO Term Gene Name Db
GOAnnotation GO:0004373 81578  
OntologyAnnotation GO:0004373 81578 GO
OntologyAnnotation GO:0004373 155312 GO
GOAnnotation GO:0004373 155312  
GOAnnotation GO:0004373 77446  
OntologyAnnotation GO:0004373 77446 GO
OntologyAnnotation GO:0004373 92017 GO
GOAnnotation GO:0004373 92017  
GOAnnotation GO:0004373 149847  
OntologyAnnotation GO:0004373 149847 GO
OntologyAnnotation GO:0004373 80176 GO
GOAnnotation GO:0004373 80176  
OntologyAnnotation GO:0004373 evm.TU.contig_36490.1 GO
GOAnnotation GO:0004373 evm.TU.contig_36490  
OntologyAnnotation GO:0004373 evm.model.supercontig_3.93 GO
GOAnnotation GO:0004373 evm.TU.supercontig_3.93  
OntologyAnnotation GO:0004373 evm.model.supercontig_37.97 GO
GOAnnotation GO:0004373 evm.TU.supercontig_37.97  
OntologyAnnotation GO:0004373 28838.m000254 GO
GOAnnotation GO:0004373 28838.t000012  
OntologyAnnotation GO:0004373 29693.m002052 GO
GOAnnotation GO:0004373 29693.t000090  
OntologyAnnotation GO:0004373 29866.m000609 GO
GOAnnotation GO:0004373 29866.t000004  
GOAnnotation GO:0004373 30068.t000088  
OntologyAnnotation GO:0004373 30068.m002598 GO
OntologyAnnotation GO:0004373 Cucsa.047530.1 GO
OntologyAnnotation GO:0004373 Cucsa.047530.2 GO
OntologyAnnotation GO:0004373 Cucsa.047530.3 GO
GOAnnotation GO:0004373 Cucsa.047530  

11 Parents

Identifier Name Description
GO:0003824 catalytic activity Catalysis of a biochemical reaction at physiological temperatures. In biologically catalyzed reactions, the reactants are known as substrates, and the catalysts are naturally occurring macromolecular substances known as enzymes. Enzymes possess specific binding sites for substrates, and are usually composed wholly or largely of protein, but RNA that has catalytic activity (ribozyme) is often also regarded as enzymatic.
GO:0016757 transferase activity, transferring glycosyl groups Catalysis of the transfer of a glycosyl group from one compound (donor) to another (acceptor).
GO:0008152 metabolic process The chemical reactions and pathways, including anabolism and catabolism, by which living organisms transform chemical substances. Metabolic processes typically transform small molecules, but also include macromolecular processes such as DNA repair and replication, and protein synthesis and degradation.
GO:0016758 transferase activity, transferring hexosyl groups Catalysis of the transfer of a hexosyl group from one compound (donor) to another (acceptor).
GO:0016740 transferase activity Catalysis of the transfer of a group, e.g. a methyl group, glycosyl group, acyl group, phosphorus-containing, or other groups, from one compound (generally regarded as the donor) to another compound (generally regarded as the acceptor). Transferase is the systematic name for any enzyme of EC class 2.
GO:0004373 glycogen (starch) synthase activity Catalysis of the reaction: UDP-glucose + (1,4)-alpha-D-glucosyl(n) = UDP + (1,4)-alpha-D-glucosyl(n+1).
GO:0008150 biological_process Any process specifically pertinent to the functioning of integrated living units: cells, tissues, organs, and organisms. A process is a collection of molecular events with a defined beginning and end.
GO:0003674 molecular_function Elemental activities, such as catalysis or binding, describing the actions of a gene product at the molecular level. A given gene product may exhibit one or more molecular functions.
GO:0008194 UDP-glycosyltransferase activity Catalysis of the transfer of a glycosyl group from a UDP-sugar to a small hydrophobic molecule.
GO:0035251 UDP-glucosyltransferase activity Catalysis of the transfer of a glucosyl group from UDP-glucose to an acceptor molecule.
GO:0046527 glucosyltransferase activity Catalysis of the transfer of a glucosyl group to an acceptor molecule, typically another carbohydrate or a lipid.

18 Relations

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Child Term . Identifier
is_a GO:0035251 GO:0004373
is_a GO:0016757 GO:0004373
part of GO:0008152 GO:0004373
is_a GO:0003824 GO:0004373
is_a GO:0008194 GO:0004373
is_a GO:0016758 GO:0004373
is_a GO:0046527 GO:0004373
is_a GO:0003674 GO:0004373
is_a GO:0016740 GO:0004373
part of GO:0008150 GO:0004373
regulates GO:0004373 GO:2000465
regulates GO:0004373 GO:2000465
negatively regulates GO:0004373 GO:2000466
negatively regulates GO:0004373 GO:2000466
regulates GO:0004373 GO:2000466
positively regulates GO:0004373 GO:2000467
positively regulates GO:0004373 GO:2000467
regulates GO:0004373 GO:2000467

8 Synonyms

Name Type
UDPG-glycogen transglucosylase activity synonym
UDPG-glycogen synthetase activity synonym
uridine diphosphoglucose-glycogen glucosyltransferase activity synonym
UDPglucose:glycogen 4-alpha-D-glucosyltransferase activity synonym
UDP-glucose-glycogen glucosyltransferase activity synonym
glycogen (starch) synthetase activity synonym
UDP-glycogen synthase activity synonym
UDP-glucose:glycogen 4-alpha-D-glucosyltransferase activity synonym